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It’s YOUR wedding! You can't afford looking just fine!

Let us be your best friend in your wedding for all your fashion needs and get you ready for pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding ceremonies.

What you get?

- A Personal Stylist at your doorstep to understand the theme and need as per different functions.
- Shop the outfit with the Stylist, best suited for your body type.
- Get discounts at various stores and buy the outfits which are going to be in trend on your day.
- Don’t just shop outfits but accessories, jeweler, footwear and makeup as well.
- Do your trousseau Shopping as well as shop your wedding functions outfits.
- Get the virtual look-book with complete look along with makeup and hairstyle references.
- A professional Makeup and Hair Stylist can also be recommended (on requirement basis).

How it works?

(Sessions may vary depending on individual needs.)

Session 1:

Meet the Style Crew + Mini Closet Audit (at home)

Your First session is at your home where your appointed Style Crew will discuss about the functions and guide what would work best for you based on the event theme, choice, spending preference and your body-type.
Session Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Strategy and Planning

Your style crew conducts an in-depth market research to find that perfect outfit and matching accessories along with footwear.

Session 2:

Multiple Shopping Days - Shop with the Stylist

Go out for shopping along with your Stylists to try and buy your outfit along with matching accessories. The outfits and stores are already shortlisted for you beforehand to ensure you are at ease and don’t need to wander from store to store.
Session Duration: 4 to 6 hours on multiple days for outfits, accessories and footwear

Session 3:

Get Ready with us!

You can even choose to ask the Stylist to get your ready on the event. From draping it right to ensuring the look has been worn perfectly.

Your Virtual Look-Book!

Get your personalized look-book with all details of the look. For sample look-book, click here.

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