Shaurya Gahlawat's Style Case


Thanks a lot for the wonderful session and for being very warm in your outlook.
It was my absolute pleasure meeting the team and all my gratitude for helping me pick out great outfits for myself.
I must say the video and summaries were very quick and unexpected!
I have taken all your suggestions seriously and am implementing quite a few as well.
I shall need the team to assist me in more detail with shopping etc in the summer and shall contact you guys again.
All my wishes to all of you! You're doing a great job.
Hoping to see you soon.

Shaurya's Style Request

Need to be comfortable and well styled at the same time. Do not want to be rushed up every single morning about what to wear and how to dress. With shoes/bags and accessories as well. Want to keep my hair in place as well! Most importantly - I want to make sure I wear clothes that suit me and my body style.

Her Wardrobe Goal:

According to Shaurya's style case, following is her wardrobe goal.

1. To re-style her existing wardrobe.
2. To give different looks with the same clothing articles that she wears regularly to office.
3. To have enough go-to-outfits that will save her time in creating looks.
4. To revamp her wardrobe according to her bodytype.
5. To make her feel confident in the looks that are new to her.

Summary of Style Tips given to her:

Following is an overview of the suggestions that the style team has recommended to make Shaurya's wardrobe more complete and sufficient for her daily needs:

1. Needs to change her outerwear collection.
2. Needs to add more footwear esp. chunky footwear to accentuate her body structure.
3. Needs to know the right structure of clothes according to her body type.
4. More denims- as wardrobe essentials.
5. Needs to make use of smaller sling bags if carried on shoulders instead of totes.
6. She should avoid types of clothes that add volume on her upper body.
7. Any hair style pointing inwards will look very good according to her face and body structure.
8. There is a lot of potential in Shaurya's style that can be explored with combined efforts.

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