Refund & Cancellation Policy is committed to process all refunds within 3-5 days.

Please note that banks take 5-7 days to process the refunds.

1. Who can get a refund?

1.1 gives refund if payment is successful, and payment is credited to Merrykäufer bank account but user’s transaction has failed due to miscellaneous reasons of Payment Gateway. For reasons not mentioned, the final decision shall be discretionary to the management of merrykäufer

2. How to request a refund?

2.1  Fill in the Contact Us form and mention clearly your Merrykaufer Style Code and what problem you are facing with reference to your payment. You would find the style code in the Style Journey Section of your profile post login.

3. Can I cancel the purchase of package?

3.1  Merry Käufer works on No Cancellation Policy. However, in case of any special request it shall be taken to the management and the management decision shall be treated as final.