Our Story

Käufer is a German word which along with Merry means Happy Shopper.

Merry Käufer was founded after years of updating friends and family with latest fashion trends and consulting them with ‘what(s)’, ‘When(s)’ and ‘How(s)’ of dressing up.

Some of our friends wanted to change their style of dressing, but they didn’t know how. They would try new stores in the mall, but still fail to achieve their style goal. Either they’d walk out empty-handed, blindly adopt new fashion trend or walk out with the same type of clothes that were in their closets already.

There's no one place to become more confident in your personal style.

Magazines aren't personalized.
Sales associates are too pushy.
Friends don't have the expertise.
Traditional stylists are too expensive.

Merry Käufer is changing all that. We help people like our friends, who need some professional fashion advice and don’t know where to turn.