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Kunal's Style Request

1. In finding the appropriate fit.
2. Colour combinations according to the skin tone.
3. Shortlisting the new and fresh season arrival clothes.

His Wardrobe Goal:

On the basis of Kunal's style request, we defined his wardrobe goal as:

1. To add articles that compliment his body type.
2. To help him have newly styled outfits using unused clothes.
3. To have a sorted winter wear collection.
4. To have a nice collection of outfits for both casual wear and occasion wear.

Summary of Style Tips given to him:

Following are stylist's recommendations to make Kunal's wardrobe more complete and sufficient for his daily and occasional outing needs:

1. Needs to add a few staple items to his wardrobe.
2. His complexion gives him the liberty to explore more prints.
3. He had a limited collection of footwear and many essentials were missing.
4. Has many unused pair of trousers and sweaters that were styled in various unique ways. A lot more could be done with this pile of clothes.
5. On his request, here are a few must have articles we suggested Kunal to have in his wardrobe.
6. Tan shoes - A staple and a must have for formal occasions.
7. A few mufflers would go well with the rest of his wardrobe.
8. Fitted jackets with some shoulder details.
9. More t-shirts/shirts/sweaters to wear underneath blazers, jackets etc.
10. Straight fit pants.
11. Dark denims- as a wardrobe essential.
12. Jodhpuri Pants - For weddings.
13. Suspenders- for the cool quotient.

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