I need a Styling Expert for my Wedding

It’s YOUR wedding! You can't afford looking just fine!

Let us be your Bridesmaid/Groomsman for all your fashion needs and get you ready for pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding ceremonies.

What you get?

-An outfit that’s tailor made for your body type.
-Accessories that go the best with the looks.
-Professional Makeup and Hair Stylist. (optional)

How can we solve this problem together

(Sessions may vary depending on individual needs.)

Session 1:

Meet the Style Crew + Mini Closet Audit (at home)

Your appointed Style Crew will analyze what would work best for you based on the pre/post wedding event, choice, spending preferences and bodytype.
Session Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Session 2:

Introducing Shopping Planner

An in-depth details on the shopping itinerary is shared with you.
Session Duration: 2 to 3 hours.

Session 3:

Strategy and Planning

Your style crew conducts an in-depth research for that perfect outfit along with matching accessories.

Session 4:

Multiple Shopping Days

Get your outfit with the matching accessories shortlisted for you when we visit the best suited designer studios.

Session 5:

Get Ready with us!

It’s time to dress you up for the event with professional makeup and hairstyling services. (Optional session)
Session Duration: 4 to 5 hours.

You may also explore our packages, here. Prices start from INR 10,000/-

Get Styled